Is the Bishop of Maine going to keep funding the anti-gay’s campaign lies?

As I reported last night, the anti-gay forces are out with their latest t.v. ad. It’s not a new ad. As Julia Rosen points out at Crooks and Liars, it’s almost identical to an ad run in California last fall — and it continues that campaign’s pattern of lying. After the anti-gay campaign launched its first ad last week, two of Maine’s more conservative newspapers called out their lies. The Bangor Daily News and the Lewiston Sun-Journal both dismissed the argument that the new marriage equality law has anything to do with educating kids. From the No on 1/Protect Maine Equality press release:

The NO on 1 campaign noted that the Bangor Daily News and the Lewiston Sun Journal have each editorialized against the false claims that Maine’s marriage equality law would impact anything in the public schools.

The Journal wrote on Sept. 18: “Will same sex marriage be taught in schools, if it becomes legal in Maine? No – nothing in law or curriculum mandates any Maine student be taught about marriage, same-sex or otherwise.”

Also on Sept. 18, the Bangor Daily News editorialized that “. . .the claim by repeal proponents is that schools would be forced to teach ‘gay sex education.’ It is baseless and betrays an ignorance about education.”

For those who don’t know Maine, neither of those papers are viewed as anything close to liberal. The Bangor paper has always been conservative and the Lewiston paper is owned by a conservative Catholic family. But, even that criticism didn’t stop “Stand for Marriage” from continuing the blatant lie in their latest ads.

That brings us to the Bishop of Maine, Richard Malone. He is furiously raising money for the anti-gay campaign. We know the Mormons are okay with “lying for the lord.” Now, we’re going to find out if Bishop Malone adheres to that commandment about bearing false witness or if he’s going to fund “baseless” lies.

Help counter the lies. Donate to No on 1/Protect Maine Equality via our ActBlue page. The campaign gets every dollar and they need every dollar. And, many, many thanks to those who have contributed. We blew past our initial goal of $25,000 — and I see that John has upped our new goal to $50,000. We did that for Prop. 8. We can do it for Maine.

Check out this video comparing the two ads:

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