G20 to eclipse G8 meetings

Not a bad idea at all that is being promoted by Obama. It is ridiculous to exclude China, India, Brazil and other large countries during important economic talks. (Well, assuming they are actually important, but that’s another discussion.) The world today is not the world of 1945 or even 1990. Don’t tell the GOP that though, because they’re convinced we still live in a 1945 world. CNN:

The move comes in the wake of a major push by President Obama, the officials said. The G-20 will now essentially eclipse the G-8, which will continue to meet on major security issues but carry much less influence.

“It’s a reflection of the world economy today and the players that make it up,” said one senior official. Nations like China, Brazil and India — which were locked out of the more elite G-8 — will be part of the larger group.

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