Frank Schubert trashed Maine’s local school boards; doesn’t like Mainers having local control

In Maine, schools are controlled at the local level. That’s an important tradition in the state. Local school boards matter. In fact, there’s a referendum in Maine this November to end school consolidation. Question 3 on the ballot is: “Do you want to repeal the 2007 law on school district consolidation and restore the laws previously in effect?” Mainers like their local control.

As we all know by now, the anti-gay campaign is running ads in Maine about education. The ads are false. Third parties have pointed that out. In fact, after the anti-gay campaign launched its first ad last week with an education message, two of Maine’s more conservative newspapers called out their lies. The Bangor Daily News and the Lewiston Sun-Journal both dismissed the argument that the new marriage equality law has anything to do with educating kids. But, that didn’t stop the anti-gay forces led by the Catholic Church and Frank Schubert, of Prop. 8 infamy. They turned around and did another ad on schools. And, this latest ad is the same exact ad as one produced in California’s Prop. 8 campaign. But, here’s an important fact: Maine isn’t Massachusetts. Maine isn’t California.

But, Californian Frank Schubert, doesn’t get that. Schubert, who is the anti-gay campaign consultant in Maine and was also the anti-gay consultant for Prop. 8 in California, doesn’t like the way Maine operates. Today, in the Lewiston Sun-Journal, he trashed Maine’s system of local control:

Frank Schubert, a consultant hired by the Stand for Marriage Maine campaign, said it is a concern that the people of Maine must rely on local school boards to make curriculum decisions.

“The local school boards will have tremendous influence, obviously, over the curriculum,” he said. “That means it is out of the hands of parents, out of the hands of voters on a statewide basis and that is a concern and it’s certainly something people need to be aware of.”

So, now Schubert not only wants to repeal Maine’s new marriage equality law, he wants to undermine the way Maine operates. People are aware of their local school boards in Maine. They like local control. And, they don’t like a slick Californian consultant lying about Maine laws and telling Mainers to change their way of doing business.

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