Corzine closing gap in New Jersey (and his opponent likes Springsteen, which the NY Times thinks is news)

This is one of the most useless and inane articles I’ve ever seen in the NY Times. Today, on the front page of the Times, we learn that GOP candidate for Governor, Chris Christie, is a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen. Seriously? That’s news? A New Jersey politician likes The Boss. Stop the presses!!! Who cares? I don’t know Bruce, but I do know his politics and I doubt he’s a fan of Christie:

As to his rival’s admiration of Mr. Springsteen, Mr. Corzine said: “Last time I checked, Bruce Springsteen was for the working man, not giant corporations and the very wealthy.”

Fortunately, the polls in New Jersey have tightened up. Corzine has pulled to within four points: 43% – 39% in the Quinnipiac Poll. The margin of Christie’s lead was 10% points a month ago.

This is what people really need to know about Chris Christie: He erupted at a constituent, a cancer-survivor, who asked about health care, telling her she’s an “exception” because cancer happened in her 20s. Christie sides with insurance companies. Marcy Wheeler explained how she and Jane Hamsher were “exceptions,” too. My cousin, Mary Jo, was an “exception,” too. She died of breast cancer when she was 30. As Marcy put it, Christie is “a walking death panel for ‘exceptions’ like me and Jane..” Classy guy that Chris Christie:

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