CNN’s Rick Sanchez to FOX: You lie

Maybe we’ve found our new logo for FOX and all Republicans.

FOX, as part of its ongoing work on behalf of the Republican party, is running ads claiming that none of the other networks covered the recent Teabagger protest in Washington, DC. Of course, they all did, extensively. Then why would FOX say otherwise?

We really need a phrase to describe the conservative trick of accusing you of what they do. E.g., we’re playing the race card when we call them on their racism. Or, gay people are intolerant (or intolerance) when we expose religious right bigotry. Or, when the Republicans accuse Obama of being mean and partisan. Or, CNN, MSNBC, CBS and ABC are biased. In essence, they’re accusing us of what they are. But it’s more than that. They’re trying to get us to back off because we’re getting too close to their dirty little secret. Republicans are afraid that we’ll tag them as racists, as bigots, as mean and partisan. So by accusing us of it first they hope to scare us off, and pollute the waters enough that if and when we do call them on their bs, they’ll have already accused us of the same thing so hopefully, from their perspective, the public will think both sides are simply name-calling.

CNN’s Rick Sanchez explain to FOX that “real” news networks don’t promote political events, they cover them.

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