Barney Frank says voting yes on gay rights is a bad thing if you want to get re-elected

It’s not at all clear who he is anymore. I was joking when I previously referred to him as a former homosexual. But now I’m beginning to wonder. First defending the incest-DOMA brief, then opposing pro-gay legislation, and now giving cover to members of Congress who want to vote against our rights by agreeing with them that gay rights is bad politics?

“I do think it can complicate things electorally for Members” supporting DOMA repeal legislation filed this week, Frank said. “People will interpret this as exporting marriage. That could complicate matters.”

Funny, I thought our president promised us DOMA repeal during the campaign. Now it’s a wild, crazy idea that no Democrat who wants to keep his seat should consider.

Oh, and thanks Barney, for signing off on the number one religious right talking point – that by repealing DOMA we’re “exporting gay marriage to other states.” I expect we’ll soon by seeing Barney’s quotes in religious right ads nationwide.

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