Bangor Daily News editorial slams anti-gay side’s falsehoods. Slams them.

Excellent editorial appearing in the Bangor Daily News just blowing away the lies and distortions from the anti-gay campaign in Maine. The BDN was always viewed as the conservative paper in the state – – and is a powerful voice in the northern part of the state. I’m posting some excerpts, but read the whole thing:

The debate about the Nov. 3 ballot’s Question 1, the effort to repeal Maine’s newly minted same-sex marriage law, will heat up in the coming weeks. Heat is one thing. Falsehoods are another.

Opponents of the law are bringing children into the fray, suggesting their innocence would be sullied if the repeal fails. It’s a ploy that has been used effectively before; any candidate for elected office who supports sex education is said to favor handing out condoms to kindergarten children. This time, the claim by repeal proponents is that schools would be forced to teach “gay sex education.” It is baseless and betrays an ignorance about education….

…Whether Sally’s or Billy’s same-sex parents are married or living together does not change the discussion the teacher might facilitate. If same-sex marriage remains legal, the teacher would merely be using different terminology than he or she would have used last year or 10 years ago.

So, the question that remains about the repeal proponents is: Are they knowingly misleading people by claiming schools will be forced to teach the details of gay sex, or are they genuinely ignorant that same-sex couples are among us, and that their children are in our schools? Neither speaks well of their argument supporting a yes vote.

The Catholic Bishop of Maine should be ashamed. He’s funding lies. Isn’t there a commandment about bearing false witness?

One other thing that bears repeating: Maine is not California.

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