The insurance industry is holding America “hostage,” but some of the hostages on Capitol Hill have the Stockholm Syndrome

Obama is finally targeting the real culprits: the insurance industry. Yes, Americans are held hostage by the insurance company. But, too many members of Congress, including some leading Democrats, have gone beyond the hostage stage. They’ve got the Stockholm Syndrome. Those Capitol Hill “hostages” have become apologists for the insurance industry. Max Baucus and Kent Conrad are acting like insurance industry lobbyists, not Democrats. That’s a real problem for Obama. But, a least this message should resonate:

U.S. President Barack Obama, pushing for healthcare reform during a trip to conservative Montana, said on Friday the country was “held hostage” by insurance companies that deny coverage to sick people.

Obama, on a multi-state swing to tamp down vociferous opposition to his top domestic priority, targeted insurance companies for dropping customers who become sick or forcing patients to cover huge costs.

“We are held hostage at any given moment by health insurance companies that deny coverage or drop coverage or charge fees that people can’t afford,” Obama told a crowd of some 1,000 people in Montana.

“It’s wrong. It’s bankrupting families. It’s bankrupting businesses. And we are going to fix it when we pass health insurance reform this year,” he said.

The other problem we face, besides sell-out Democrats, is that many Americans don’t realize they’re hostages — yet. But, almost every American is one illness away from understanding the dire straits.

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