Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) won’t take a position on Maine marriage referendum

This week, Senator Susan Collins tried to burnish her pro-gay cred by sponsoring ENDA. But, she backslid dramatically by refusing to say how she is voting on the Maine marriage referendum:

A U.S. senator from Maine is taking no position on the likely upcoming referendum on her state’s new same-sex marriage law.

Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican, told the Blade on Thursday during a brief exchange on Capitol Hill that she’s not taking a side on the “people’s veto.”

Asked whether she would be taking a position on the referendum, Collins replied: “I’m not. I don’t get involved in state issues.”

Um, she is a Maine resident. She votes. How is she going to vote? That’s not a “state issue.” It’s a voting issue.

Collins is trying to weasel out of answering this question. That’s unacceptable. Same for Olympia Snowe. How is she voting? Dick Cheney supports marriage. It’s not a reach for Republicans anymore. A lot of Maine Democrats and independents vote for Susan and Olympia. Their opposition to the marriage repeal (and I hope they would be on our side), could be helpful with some voters.

As I recall, Collins and Snowe wouldn’t say how they were voting on the referendum in 2005. Back then, the right-wingers wanted to repeal the law adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the Maine Human Rights Act. A lot has happened since 2005, namely Prop. 8. We need our friends to be our friends, not just when it’s convenient or politically easy.

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