Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how’d you like health care reform?

Well well well. I take a week and a half off of blogging, on doctor’s orders, finally get approval from the doc to start working on the blog again, and what do I return to? The Senate is getting ready to sell us out with legislation that, from what we’re hearing, doesn’t even include anything about pre-existing conditions or portability (i.e., move to another state, lose your insurance), let alone a public option. And the White House? Cutting secret deals with the pharmaceutical industry in order to keep American drug prices four to five times higher than what the same drugs cost in Europe.

So to recap: We have liberal groups who don’t know how to fight, Democratic members of Congress who are afraid to fight, and a president in the White House who doesn’t like to fight (and thinks his opponents will take this as a sign of strength). Are we having fun yet?

It’s a good thing for the White House and the Dems in Congress that my eyes are still half-dilated. What a freaking mess.

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