Obama golfed with UBS President today

What, was Robert Rubin not available? It’s no wonder the US gets shafted so badly by the banks when the President and Treasury is so chummy with that crowd:

One of President Obama’s golfing buddies Monday was a top donor to his campaign and the president of a bank at the center of a U.S. investigation into illegal tax shelters.

Robert Wolf, the president of UBS Americas, a Swiss-based bank, joined Obama at the elite, and difficult, Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs. Deputy press secretary Bill Burton described the two men as “friends.”

This does explain a few mysteries about the soft handling of the banks who trashed our global economy.

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2 Responses to “Obama golfed with UBS President today”

  1. I hope you aren’t just discovering how in bed BOTH establishment parties are with corporations of the worst kind – those that would provide minimal services or goods in an actual voluntary-exchange capitalistic system.

  2. truth vs right wing spin says:

    …and all the golfing by ‘Dubya’ Bush with big oil execs and Halliburton …..and his close friendship with the Bin Laden family…. got us the mess we’re in in Iraq and Afghanistan. How many of our boys are dead to line the pockets of Bush’s corporate buddies?

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