“In light of TABC report, raid at Fort Worth gay bar looks uglier”

Jacquielynn Floyd at the Dallas News:

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission allows that its agents committed more than a half-dozen potentially fireable offenses during the June raid on a Cowtown gay bar – and the agency hasn’t even addressed the part about how one patron got his noggin busted….

But there’s an ugly and unprofessional whiff of “gay panic” about the police report, which seems to say, “We didn’t use excessive force. But if we did, how can you blame us? We were groped by gay men!”

Even if the groping tale were true, would it excuse breaking somebody’s head? If women got a pass for cracking the skull of any man who made an unwelcome pass in a bar, there would be an alarming rise in the incidence of head injuries.

But this is no laughing matter. If the “grope defense” isn’t true – if, in fact, it’s a convenient lie faked up to appeal to heterosexual superiors who might sympathize with the officers’ alleged discomfort – then it’s despicable. If it’s a lie, it’s blatant, cynical discrimination in its ugliest form.

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