Imagine a capital city where you don’t have to worry about being violently attacked near your home

You just don’t see headlines like this in Paris. Certainly not anywhere near as often as you see them in DC, in good neighborhoods like this one in the story, near Joe and me, no less.

I remember last summer having dinner with an English family living in Paris. The kids, teenagers, asked me if Washington, DC was really as dangerous as everyone says it is. Being the good diplomat, I lied, and told them, no, it’s not that bad – I mean, sure, you don’t walk home alone at 3am, but I mean, that goes for any big city, right?

Wrong. The kids stared at me in cold silence, jaws dropping. We walk home all the time at 3am, they told me. You seriously can’t walk home late at night in the states, they asked, honestly shocked?

And I thought about it, and they’re right. One “mistake” I often make in Paris is asking the locals if it’s safe to walk somewhere late at night. They inevitably look at me funny and say, you can walk anywhere at any hour.

Sometimes we forget that violence isn’t the norm around the world.

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