Huckabee: Kennedy would have been urged to die under ObamaCare

At some point, someone senior in the Democratic party needs to tell these guys to STFU.

The reason health care reform is currently mired down is because outrageous attacks like this go unchallenged, which only inspire greater, nastier, attacks in the future. The Republicans are now trying to destroy Ted Kennedy’s memory and legacy, only days after his death. And they’re doing it for a very specific strategic purpose. Kennedy let it be known in his final days that he wanted Democrats to pass health care reform. That’s why he urged Massachusetts state leaders to figure out a way to appoint someone as Senator on an interim basis in his absence – so Dems could pass the bill. Republicans are now preemptively destroying that dying wish.

Joe and I talk a lot about how negative we’ve gotten lately on the blog. But it’s very difficult not to be negative when you see Republicans repeatedly doing this kind of thing, and Democrats repeatedly doing nothing to stop them. And then, as a result, we lose – over and over again, on issue after issue. It’s the same thing every time – Democrats are too afraid to fight back, or just as bad, don’t believe in fighting back, the Republicans roll us, and then we all ask ourselves “gosh, how did that happen?”, after telling ourselves “boy we never saw that coming.”

At what point do things change? Do we have to purge the entire party leadership to finally get some Democrats in office who know how to fight back, who believe in fighting back? Do we have to lose health care reform for another generation before Congress and the White House finally wake up and start defending themselves?

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