GOP now playing politics with Kennedy’s funeral

You see, they’re terribly afraid that Kennedy’s death will aid passage of health care reform since it was his dream. So the GOP will destroy that dream by politicizing Kennedy’s funeral.

Will the Democrats preemptively fight back, will they blow the Republicans out of the water on this one? Or will we all sit back and scratch our heads in a week and say “gosh, how did we lose that one?” Paul Wellstone II – where the GOP accuses of us doing what they’re actually doing, and we get the blame. Let’s not forget – we still have Hitler references and gun-toting GOP constituents out there who have yet to be fully taken advantage of by the Democrats. What do I mean? Well imagine had the top progressive bloggers, during a debate on key legislation, published photos of George Bush as Hitler. Do you think the Republicans would come up with all sorts of great ideas on how to bash us and, even better, use us to destroy Democrats? There’d be a resolution condemning us on the floor of the US House and Senate faster than you can sing “proud to be an American.”

What’s to believe that things will be any different when the GOP tries to spin Ted Kennedy’s death? We have taught the Republicans that nothing is too low, and that the dirtier they get the more we flinch. Unless the Democrats, and the White House, figure out how to stop this cycle, it’s just going to get worse and worse.

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