GOP health care protesters heckle woman in wheel chair

Fascinating video from a reporter with the Star-Ledger in New Jersey who attended a health care rally hosted by Congressman Frank Pallone, and got to witness first-hand how ugly the Republicans are who are attending these forums. But true to form, the reporter felt the need to make an equivalence between people who called him a communist, as he put it, and people who “dismissed him” because he thought tort reform should be included.

Let me repeat: Dismissing him is the same as calling him a communist and heckling a disabled woman in a wheelchair. One pro-Obama guy in the audience of hundreds was loud, the reporter says, versus pretty much every person on the GOP side who was loud, and for this reporter it’s clear that there’s no room for reason on either side of this debate.

No, there’s no room for reason on the right and they keep yelling everyone else down.

I appreciate that this guy did a good video, and clearly has thought this through, but in the end he felt the need far too many reporters do to try to make the news equal, make both sides look just as bad, rather than just reporting the facts. And the facts in this story are that one Obama supporter out of 100s was unruly, versus practically every single Republican in the crowd, and they were downright hateful.

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