GOP attacks Obama for not being bipartisan enough

No one could have seen that one coming.

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Thursday that Obama is struggling to get a health care bill because he has been too deferential to the liberal wing of his party. Romney, who may challenge Obama in 2012, said on CBS’s “The Early Show” that “if the president wants to get something done, he needs to put aside the extreme liberal wing of his party.”

So what have learned in the past 8 months?

1. Give the Republicans 40% of the stimulus package for wasteful tax cuts and they will:
a. Vote against the bill anyway;
b. Claim that you’re the one who wasted all the money; and
c. Say that the bill isn’t working, when their provisions were the only ones supposed to kick in immediately.

2. Unilterally cave on one of your biggest promises on health care reform and the GOP will:
a. Still claim that you’re being partisan.
b. Still oppose anything you come up.
c. Vote against the bill anyway.

And actually, we learned all of this in the past eight years rather than eight months. Democrats tried for years to get the Bush White House to stop being mean to them. They caved on issue after issue, tried to out-war-on-terror the GOP by being more Bush than Bush. And what happened as a result? George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh still called the Democrats names and did everything they could to halt any Democratic initiative.

And now after everything Obama has done – or has refused to do – on health care reform, the GOP is claiming – surprise – that he hasn’t done enough, and is in fact doing the exact opposite. Perhaps if Obama caves on a few more promises and betrays a few more Democratic constituencies, then the Republicans will stop throwing sand in his face.

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