Debunking more FOX-fed lies about health care

A new lie enters the health care debate. This time, FOX “News” has taken a pamphlet created by the Bush Administration, a pamphlet that Bush used up until the final months of his presidency (even though FOX claimed he “pulled it” long before that), and FOX claims that the pamphlet is a “death book” urging disabled vets to die.

NOTE FROM JOHN: We’ve all been arguing for a while now that the Democrats need to give FOX a swift kick in the ass. Yet they keep going on FOX shows. The President, and Democrats, needs to get tough with FOX, and with the Republicans overall, or they’re going to continue with this crap. FOX News needs to be kicked out of the White House if this is the kind of thing they’re going to say on the air. Just don’t give them access to anyone in the administration or any of the Dems in Congress – don’t let them travel on presidential trips – then see who’s going to want to work at a TV network that has no one to interview for the next four to eight years. As for the Republicans more generally, at some point the President needs to stand up and knock their blocks off over this stuff. Show some anger. Show some backbone. “Be a man,” as the no-longer-PC, but still accurate, saying goes. Fact sheet rebuttals are nice, and helpful, but sometimes you just have to punch a guy in the face. (The balls work nicely too.)

And, Media Matters destroys it:

These liars are shameless. They are the base of the GOP. And, they are obviously in no mood for bipartisanship.

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