Clinton wants the blogs to help Obama

But does Obama want the blogs to help Obama? It’s never been entirely clear, even during the election, whether the Obama wanted any outside help from anyone – blogs, non-profit advocacy groups, the media. And it’s still not terribly clear. No one is coordinating a strategy for using the blogs to fight back on health care reform. No one did it on the stimulus package either. The White House does have a staffer who is in charge of blog outreach, Jesse Lee, and he valiantly does what he can with what he’s given. But Jesse is not in charge of running the health care reform strategy. And if no one gives him marching orders on how to better integrate the blogs in to the campaign, into a real strategy – rather than simply occasionally giving us talking points when things go wrong – then we won’t be able to effectively help the president. We are clearly not a partner in this effort. And as I’ve said before, you can go it alone – and that’s fine – but I don’t think you’re ever as effective going it alone as you are part of an actual team coordinating strategy on a regular basis. And that we most certainly are not.

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