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More David Sedaris on health care.

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8 Responses to “Bend over and say ah”

  1. Got the crazy says:

    Damn socialists and their excellent health care! We don’t want that in America because we have the best health care in the world! At least that’s what the voices tell me, and they wouldn’t lie…

  2. DAB says:

    Sedaris should not, by law, be allowed to create audiobooks. They’re too often listened to by people on long car trips and statistics show that people with tears running down their face from laughing so hard are four times more likely to have an accident than are people listening to talk radio.

  3. elRey says:

    I love David Sedaris, reminds me of your story John.

    From a discussion on facebook, friends in France:

    “Living in France where I recieved free and dependable medical care througout my pregnancy and a 5 day stay in hospital for the birth….I cannot believe that people are so resistant to Obama’s plan to finally reform healthcare in America. The right has always used fear to power, wake up people!”

    “Tell me about it! When we lived in Chicago, it was impossible to see a doctor about small things, and expensive too. It was easier to not go to the doctor. In our village in France, we walk down the hill, and see our village doctor. No problem, excellent care, and so affordable for everyone. The French modal is excellent.”

  4. nancy50 says:

    Love David Sedaris (and sister Amy too). We listened to David’s book on tape while driving across the country – it sure made Kansas alot easier to take.

  5. serge says:

    Oh my god that’s some funny shit. I especially like his stuff from his stay in France.

    I remember an NPR bit where he’s on the Metro near an American tourist couple. The guy is telling his wife to be careful, that there are pickpockets everywhere, and he points to Sedaris and says “Look at that guy…he’s got pickpocket written all over him.” I listened to this in my car and nearly caused several accidents.

  6. tlsintx says:

    insurance..and all the people making money off it..

    there’s your trouble.

  7. HereinDC says:

    That was pretty good John.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. 1970cs says:

    “Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Thursday that Obama is struggling to get a health care bill because he has been too deferential to the liberal wing of his party.”

    Yeah, that’s the reason.

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