When will our top groups take Paul Cameron on?

I’ve been tracking this nutjob for a good 16 years now. I remember back in the 90s having to create my own fact sheets about him because our largest gay civil rights groups didn’t seem to think he mattered. And even today, you never hear a word from our groups about Paul Cameron. He’s only the man responsible for the lie that gays molest children. Cameron is single-handedly responsible for much of the myth that underlies anti-gay prejudice, and anti-gay legislation. And now he’s spreading bigoted quackery around the world. Even worse, religious right groups in the states continue to cite his debunked “research,” but again, our groups say nothing. Imagine if we used the research of a known hate group (he is a known hate group, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center) to promote gay rights. Do you think the religious right would let us get away with it? But when they use Cameron, our groups say nothing, and do nothing.

Vision, not quite our thing.

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