What will it take for CNN and Fox News to take a stand against racism?

The Lou Dobbs controversy is only growing in magnitude (as his ratings are dropping.) Here’s a statement from Media Matters with with an important question:

“It is appalling that less than a year after America elected the first black president, racially motivated fearmongering is allowed to stand in for substantive commentary,” said Eric Burns, President of Media Matters. “Just about everyone else in the media recognizes that this race-baiting commentary is unacceptable. What will it take for CNN and Fox News to take a stand?”

What will it take for CNN and Fox News to take a stand against racism?

Okay, there’s no hope for FOX. Dobbs, however, is turning CNN into a laughing stock. That network’s president, Jon Klein, has to understand that Dobbs is CNN’s guy. The network gets the taint of his racism.

Check out the Dobbs/birther video and the DailyKos poll on birthers after the break.

Watch this:
DailyKos had Research 2000 do a poll on the birther phenomenon. Results won’t surprise you, but “Birthers are mostly Republican and Southern.” Via Markos:

Once again, Republicans find themselves outside the American mainstream. And reality.

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