“The black community is phony and hypocritical when it comes to lgbt issues”

From Alvin at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters:

Here is what you are supposed to do:

You are supposed to say nothing when you hear whispering about your sexual orientation. To openly say that you are gay ruins “good gossip.”

You are supposed to be weak-livered and sexually promiscuous because as an lgbt, you have no concept of morality. Now if you were straight and sexually promiscuous, you would be given an exemption because “it’s in your nature to cheat.”

You are supposed to laugh or say nothing when you see images of lgbts disrespected on black-oriented networks and television shows.

Basically you are to watch yourself get disrespected and minimize and say nothing because to acknowledge your humanity is really hurting the African-American community.

Does this remind you of the inferiority that white racists placed on black people?

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