Question: Is the Obama administration doing anything to support legislation that repeals Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

Answer: No. Nothing.

Last night on Rachel Maddow’s show, during her interview with Rep. Alcee Hastings, she read a statement from SLDN’s communication director Kevin Nix. I got a copy of the statement. Kevin says a lot here:

We hope it’s not true the White House pressured Rep. Hastings to withdraw his amendment to stop funding “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” investigations. Such a move would go against President Obama’s commitment to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Now, we need to see some positive action, some follow through from this White House. The Commander in Chief has a key leadership role in ending this bad law. He should publicly endorse the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, sponsored by Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA), that overturns DADT. The President and Congress need to get on the same page and same timeline in ending DADT and both need to act with a sense of urgency. Service members are getting fired literally every day just because they are gay or lesbian, and our national security is at risk because we’re losing some of the best and brightest linguists, medics, pilots, and intelligence analysts under this archaic law.

So, as far as those who know can tell, there’s been nothing from the White House. SLDN needs “to see some positive action, some follow through from this White House.” They haven’t seen any yet. If SLDN doesn’t know what the Obama administration’s plan is, the plan doesn’t exist.

We’ve seen a lot of nice statements, but no action.

For a refresher on what Obama has said, check out his interview with Anderson Cooper after the break.

Obama made it sound like he’s working with people on Capitol Hill to repeal this law.
But, actually, per SLDN, nothing is happening. This is really disturbing.

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