Mormons may have secretly baptized Obama’s African ancestors, in addition to his deceased mother


After forcibly, and secretly, converting President Obama’s deceased mother to Mormonism last year during the presidential campaign – as revealed first by AMERICAblog – evidence now suggests that the Mormons may have converted Obama’s known African ancestors as well.

The White House claims the topic didn’t come up on Monday when the president met with Mormon President-Prophet Thomas Monson at the White House. Really? The president finds out a few months ago that the Mormons tried to steal his dead mother’s soul, and no one mentioned it? I find it hard to believe that the president-prophet wasn’t stumbling all over himself to apologize to the president. And if he wasn’t, why wasn’t he? Are the Mormons really so arrogant that they’d secretly defile the memory, and soul, of the deceased mother of the president of the United States and then not apologize when their leader finally meets our leader in person?

Something doesn’t smell quite right about the White House’s denial.

And now we find out that it looks like the Mormons may have gone after much of the rest of Obama’s family as well.

Once again we learn that all you have to do is sit down and talk with someone, and they’ll stop coming after you. And your family. Or not.

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