DOD considering banning smoking, regardless of social experiment’s effect on morale and cohesion

I thought we were a nation at war? Can you imagine our soldiers shooting straight when they’re going through nicotine withdrawal? Ah, but no fears – according to a reader who just heard a report on CBS News radio, we’re being told that our men and women in the military know how to follow orders, and if they’re told do accept a drastic change in policy, they’ll do it, daggumit.

I’m all for smoking bans. But don’t for a minute think that with one in three US service members using tobacco that the smoking ban currently being considered by the administration wouldn’t have a serious impact on unit morale and cohesion, and our military’s overall readiness. Because it would. At least temporarily.

Maybe the administration should spend more time building public support for the smoking ban so that they can do this by the end of the next term. But only if Congress takes the lead.


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