Anti-marriage opponents, the ones trying to repeal the Maine marriage law, claim to be “the minority that’s being discriminated against”

Bill Nemitz at the Portland Press Herald has a fascinating column about the Maine marriage referendum. The anti-marriage zealots, led by the gay-obsessed Catholic Church leaders, are claiming to be victims — and they’re afraid of the gays. The anti-marriage campaign is being very secretive — not even revealing the location of their headquarters because they’re so afraid. (Of course, it helps that massive amounts of out-of-state money – Mormons? – will pay for their campaign so it’s not like they need volunteers.)

The people who want to take away the rights from same-sex couples, get this, “feel like the minority that’s being discriminated against.” Not kidding. Here’s the first part of the column. More after the break, but read the whole thing. And contribute to the campaign in Maine via AcbtBlue. Our side, Maine Freedom to Marry, needs early money. You’ll get the sense of what we’re up against from this column:

File this one under “supreme irony.”

Twenty-five years ago last week, a trio of young thugs beat up Charles Howard and tossed him off a bridge to his death in the Kenduskeag Stream in Bangor – all because he was homosexual. If you were gay or lesbian in Maine back in those days, you had good reason to be afraid.

Now, as the campaign to repeal Maine’s same-sex marriage law shifts into high gear, fear is once again in the air. Only this time it’s not the homosexual community that’s quaking.

It’s their opponents.

“I know what you’re saying – there is some irony there,” agreed Marc Mutty, now on leave from his job as public affairs director for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland to run Stand for Marriage Maine.

Still, Mutty said, “We feel like the minority that’s being discriminated against. We are being treated like pariahs everywhere we go.”

Nemitz is great. This column is really something.

In a recent interview with Susan Cover of the Kennebec Journal, Stand for Marriage Maine’s leader, Bob Emrich, complained that he and his wife have been getting rude phone calls at their home in Plymouth. People also drive by and holler insults, he said, and on a recent night at 12:30 a.m., someone “banged real hard on our door and ran off.”

“I expected people to be emotional, but I really didn’t expect not to feel safe in the little town of Plymouth,” Emrich, a Baptist pastor, told the KJ.

Apparently he’s not alone.

A recent e-mail to the staff at the Portland diocese, forwarded to me this week by someone using the pseudonym “M. Luther,” offers this advice to the diocesan staff:

“For security reasons, please do not give the physical location of the SFMM (Stand for Marriage Maine) office to anyone. It’s imperative that no one else know the location.”

The e-mail also instructed staff members, should they receive any “marriage” calls, to “direct the angry mobs to the toll-free number or invite them to visit the SFMM website.”

Sitting Monday afternoon inside Stand for Marriage Maine’s headquarters, an unmarked office in Yarmouth, Mutty said he authorized the e-mail. The “angry mobs” reference, he said, was tongue-in-cheek and not meant for public consumption.

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