When is Mary Landrieu giving up her public option health insurance?

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu only opposes “public option” health insurance plans when you’re the one who’s going to benefit. When she’s the one with her mouth to the federal teat, Landrieu, well, sucks. So when is Landrieu going to give up her federal health coverage, in order to, you know, show how committed she is to opposing public option health insurance? I assume Landrieu is also going to ask her socialist staff to stop wasting federal tax dollars on their public option health insurance as well. Landrieu’s website tells us she’s been working in government since she was 23. For most of her adult life, she’s been on the receiving end of a lot of public funds paying her salary and her benefits.

The health care groups should have gotten tough with people like Landrieu and the Blue Dogs and the Republicans and Ben Nelson a long time ago. Someone should have started a campaign to repeal the health insurance of every member of Congress who opposes the public option. It would have been a media feeding frenzy and the members of Congress wouldn’t have known what to say. It would have given all of us something to rally around, and would at the same time put increasing pressure on those very members of Congress causing us the most trouble.

But that would be mean. And liberals don’t do mean. They just lose, with losers like Mary Landrieu leading the way.

Feel free to call Landrieu’s office and ask the hypocrites when they’re giving up their own publicly funded health insurance: (202)224-5824 – then post what you find out in the comments.

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