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Jane Hamsher and I just went to watch Huff Post editor (and friend) Katharine Zaleski talk at the Swedish political conference we’ve been invited to attend this week. The moderator was from a conservative paper, and had a bit of an issue with HuffPo being liberal. She also didn’t understand why the American press focused on Obama’s dog, as if this were a sign of the press’ liberal bias. (They focused on Bush’s dog too.)

Anyway, our panel is on Thursday, but we’re also going to be meeting up with Swedish bloggers and other politicos this week to share what we know about using the Internet for politics. I hope to meet some people involved in gay politics here as well.


A lot of Stockholm is on the water. The city reminds you of so many other European cities – like Amsterdam (the waterfront buildings), Venice (the church silhouettes), Rome (the colors), and even Vienna.


The other thing that Stockholm makes me think of is some of the master European paintings of old. The way the sun hits the buildings, the colors, the shadows, and even the rooftops. This rooftop above made think of this famous painting by Caillebotte.


I mean, look at these colors. This is simply an alleyway.


Swede’s taking in that all-important sun along the water in Stockholm.


There’s a rather nice town square with a huge fountain in the middle of town, near the culture center – this is where the Iran protest took place (see below).


Iran protest.


Big maritime country.


I love the duck keeping up with the canoe.


Just wonderful light and shadow everywhere.


From really high up, we all look like Swedes.


Same photo, upside down.


And finally, this is kind of a cliché, as photos go, but I still always like it.

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