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President Obama has made it abundantly clear what he thinks of gay and lesbian Americans, and of progressives across the board. From last week’s offensive incest-invoking brief supporting DOMA – exclusively broken on AMERICAblog – to last year’s betrayal on FISA, it is clear that this administration listens to one thing – money and power. If you don’t hold their feet to the fire, they won’t give you the time of day.

Case in point? The hate crimes bill. After the uproar that ensued from the DOJ filing the hateful brief, the administration let it be known that the hate crimes bill would be passed THIS WEEK in the Senate! Whoopee! Well guess what? Now we’re told that there was a little problem and they’re going to have to postpone taking up the bill until at least August, if we’re lucky. Mind you, this was legislation that easily passed the last less pro-gay Congress. Anyone surprised?

Well, the gays have had enough. And we’re fighting back.

It’s clear that, with the news that Human Rights Campaign National Field Director Marty Rouse has pulled out of next week’s $1,000 a person DNC gay fundraiser, that the fundraiser is on its last legs. But the DNC wasn’t wrong about one thing. It takes money to secure out rights. But you have to donate to someone who actually cares, and someone who actually will do something to help you get those rights.

That’s why I’m asking you today to donate to AMERICAblog.

Longtime readers will note that we don’t hold fundraisers at AMERICAblog very often. I decided a long time ago to try to make the blog self-sufficient on advertising.

We don’t often have fundraisers any more at AMERICAblog. A long time ago I decided to try to run the blog solely on advertising, and it’s been working well. Until this year. With the economy a wreck, advertising for all publications, online and off, has plummeted. And I mean plummeted. I was able to pay my mortgage last month with the ad revenues, but that was about it. I’ve got enough in the bank to subsidize the blog, and plan to start consulting again, so we aren’t going anywhere. But we could use your help. I live off the blog, and Joe and Chris get a healthy stipend from the blog. Your support would mean a lot to us.

I hope in just the past five days, working on the hateful DOJ DOMA brief, you’ve gotten a sense of what we can accomplish with AMERICAblog. AP is now quoting us as the source on this controversy, and asked us to write their top story on their Web site about this issue. Some people think blogging is “just words.” And others think we’re kids working in our pajamas. In fact, Joe Sudbay and I have, between us, two law degrees and nearly 40 years of political experience in Washington, DC. And I think that experience shows in our writing, but more importantly, in the impact our writing has on the issues we take on.

There was the one where we exposed Jeff Gannon, the conservative Republican White House correspondent, as a gay male hooker.

There was the one where we bought Wesley Clark’s cell phone records in order to highlight the issue of cell phone privacy. As a result, Congress passed, and President Bush signed, a new law banning the practice of pre-texting that put all of your phone records in jeopardy.

There was the one where we took on Microsoft for rescinding its commitment to gay rights after they were challenged by the religious right. We won. (Don’t forget out now infamous open letter to Microsoft entitled: “You messed with the wrong faggots.”)

There was the one where we took on Ford after the American Family Association got them to pull their gay advertising. We won.

And today we’re taking on the White House and the Democratic party, and the other two guys aren’t looking so great.

Joe, Chris and I do this because we love it, because we have a passion for the progressive cause, and because we think we can make a difference – and we think we have made a difference.

The mainstream media isn’t going to get us our rights and secure our freedoms. They didn’t even cover the DOMA story for days, while we continued to rail against this travesty even when some in the gay community said we were wrong. The media refused to cover the Gannon story. They refused to hold George Bush accountable for 8 years. And our liberal groups? More often than not a shell of their former selves. The only people who can change things are us, all of us, working together.

If you agree, please donate to our efforts and help us make our party and our country stronger and more progressive.

Thanks so much, JOHN

PS Your donations are not tax-deductible. Feel free to use the donation box, in bright red, at the top of the next column. You can give a one-time donation, or a recurring monthly donation. Whatever you give, we thank you. You can also donate via check to our PO Box (write checks to “John Aravosis” at: John Aravosis, PO Box 21336, Washington, DC 20009)

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