Obama’s press conference

The president is doing a press conference from the Brady press briefing room right now. It was initially scheduled for the Rose Garden, but got moved this morning. That briefing room is pretty small so they’re in cramped quarters.

Obama made introductory remarks about Iran, energy and health care.

The second question went to Nico Pitney from Huffington Post. Obama noted how the internet had played a critical role in getting info. out of Iran. Nico, as we’ve said many times, has done an amazing job covering Iran — and the President acknowledged that. Nico asked a question from an Iranian. (One wonders if the president noted the same role the internet has played in discussing his administration’s DOMA brief.)

I’ll keep monitoring the press conference for anything really interesting….

Key points, as of 1:05 PM: The media may be on a 24-hours news cycle on Iran, the president isn’t.

And, while Obama stands by the public plan for health care reform, but won’t say it’s a non-negotiable position. He won’t draw lines in the sand. (When dealing with nitwits people on Capitol Hill, I think it helps to draw lines in the sand.)

News flash: Obama doesn’t smoke in front of his family, but he has one every now and then.

1:25 PM: The press conference is over. Iran, health care and the economy dominated. No gay questions. There hasn’t been one LGBT-related question in any of Obama’s pressers so far. Not one. Obama, however, did cite, once again, Martin Luther King’s quote:

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Bend it faster.

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