Harry Reid: No plans to do squat on DADT, let Obama do it

So there you have it. The Democratic party at its homophobic, spineless, cynical best. Obama won’t do squat on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, he says it’s the Congress’ job. Harry Reid won’t do squat on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, he says it’s Obama’s job. And neither Reid nor Obama plan on doing anything to make anything happen on this issue.

It’s not a priority for either of them. They’d rather pass a health care reform bill that excludes gay families from benefits. Oh yeah, didn’t you know that? Do you honestly think Obama/Congress’ health care reform bill is going to include gay families in their definition of spouses and dependents? Please. And while I’m told by at least one gay legal expert that Congress “could” include language providing benefits for gay families and not run afoul of DOMA (simply don’t provide benefits based on “marriage” or quasi-marriage (aka civil unions)) – and it’s not at all clear to me that DOMA, that other pesky little promise that Obama has now backstabbed us on, won’t negate us getting benefits even if the bill provides them – does anybody really believe that Obama and Reid are going to include language recognizing gay families as dependents? Remember, it might upset the Republicans and the religious conservatives if we get our civil rights, and the Democrats don’t do things that make 20% of the population angry.

It’s all one big vicious circle of homophobic apathy and cowardice.

So how’s that upcoming $1,000 a head DNC gay fundraiser going? I understand several high-profile gays have already pulled out in protest over the DOMA brief. (More on that later.)

Maybe someone should ask Barney Frank, Tammy Baldwin and Jared Polis why they’re still listed as hosts for the event, and why they’ve been too busy the past four days to say boo about Obama’s betrayal of their own community.

PS Note how in the article Senator Reid says Obama does in fact have administrative ways of, for all intents and purposes, repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Which 100% contradicts what Obama and company are telling us.

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