CBS News: Obama Faces Gay Groups’ Growing Anger

Great story from CBS News about the growing rupture between President Obama and the gay community. CBS synthesizes the story perfectly. This is a must-read if you’re trying to get your head around what’s going on with this story. CBS also notes how Obama’s DOJ invoked “incest” when talking about why it’s okay to ban gay marriages, meaning that despicable angle of the story is now hitting the mainstream media.

CBS News:

The anger from gay rights advocates toward President Obama is starting to boil over….

Many of the staffers in the Obama White House also served under President Bill Clinton, and they remember well how much political capital taking on gay rights cost Clinton early in his administration. But while gay rights advocates signaled sympathy to those concerns early in the Obama administration, their patience appears to be running out.

No, it has run out. Incest pretty much sealed that deal.

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