And now, even more GOP drama: Palin is back on

The on again, off again, back on again and then off yet again story continues. She’s back and on again. Maybe.

In another sign of the sway that Sarah Palin and her supporters in Palin Nation hold over the GOP, NRCC chief Pete Sessions is working behind the scenes to get Palin reinvited to the big GOP fundraiser tonight, GOP sources say.

It’s the story of the day that GOP leaders have been battling over who’s to blame for the fact that Palin was “snubbed” when she was mysteriously disinvited from the big fundraiser, which is for the two Congressional committees, the NRCC and the NRSC. Politico laid the blame on NRCC chief Sessions, claiming he didn’t want her to upstage keynote speaker Newt Gingrich, prompting a round of bitter finger-pointing.

But GOP sources say that Sessions right now is working the phones to try to get Palin to attend, after all. The Hill, in what seemed like an answer to the Politico piece, reported that the real culprit behind Palin’s disinvitation had originally been NRSC chief John Cornyn.

In addition to working to ensure that Palin does come, Sessions plans to stress party unity in his speech tonight. “Together, we are showing America that we are a unified party with the best solutions to create jobs and grow our economy,” Sessions will say, according to an advance copy sent my way.

Party unity or party chaos?

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