63 women out of 176 invitees (that’s 36%)

I was just going through the invite list to the White House gay party last night. I counted around 63 women out of around 176 invitees. (Some names were hard to determine the gender, and it’s always possible my back-of-the-envelope count is off by one or two, but that won’t change the overall percentage enough to make a difference.)

113 men (64%)
63 women (36%)

That would be a bit more than one-third women invited to a major civil rights event hosted by a Democratic president. Let me explain something. For good or for bad, and I happen to think it’s good, when a big liberal group or politician holds a public event, they try to get a representative mix of people showing up. That means you pay attention to how many women you have, or haven’t, invited, how many African-Americans, etc. Even in the 1990s, inviting nearly twice as many men as women would raise more than a few eyebrows. But in 2009?

(Perhaps all the lesbians got too uppity about their civil rights and got blacklisted too.)

Which leads us to ask the question, yet again, just who is advising Obama on gay civil rights issues? If a gay rights group had done this, they’d be excoriated by the community. And rightly so.

It will be interesting to see how many people of color, and other minorities, were invited as well.

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