Ted Olson, better known as the devil, is now better than our president on gay marriage

Now I’ve seen everything.

Ted Olson. Also known as George Bush’s Solicitor General. Also known as the guy who represented George Bush at the Supreme Court in the Bush v. Gore case. Also known as Mr. Burns. The man is pure evil. And he’s now representing a gay couple in a legal challenge in federal court to overturn Prop 8.

Just called Joe. We’re both speechless.

It’s difficult to explain in words how much each of us loathes Ted Olson. Of course, not any more. But you get the picture. It doesn’t get any more conservative and nasty than Ted Olson. And now he’s supporting gay marriage. And not just supporting it, but putting his legal muscle behind it.

First off, thank you Mr. Olson. Seriously. And to our readers, this just goes to show you that even I can be fooled into thinking that some people are too far gone. As I’ve written on this blog many a time: Don’t write people off, and don’t mock people who reach out to the enemy. You’d be surprised what sometimes happens when you treat even bad guys with a modicum of decency.

Secondly, Ted Freaking Olson is now better on gay marriage than our president – than most of our party. Well, to be fair, let me be precise – Ted Olsen is now better on gay marriage than our president claims publicly to be.

At what point will President Obama realize that the year is 2009 and not 1993? America has become accustomed, inured, and possibly even bored with all the gay rights victories of the past five years. They just don’t care any more. And I mean that in a good way. Gay marriage is bursting across the land and the American people have shrugged. They just don’t care. So why does our president? Why do he and his advisers seem to be treating gay people and their issues as, at best, an embarrassing inconvenience?

Some realpolitik Iago has our President’s ear. He’s clearly convinced Obama that gays are the third rail, to be avoided at all costs. It’s unfortunate. Not only did Obama openly campaign as a friend to the gay community, and iterate numerous clear-cut promises to act on behalf of our civil rights, but forget the politics for a moment. We’re talking about people’s lives. We’re talking about millions of Americans. We’re talking about a President who claimed – pretended? – to care about us. Who claimed to be different.

Not looking so different any more.

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