Olbermann and Musto on Miss California

So has anyone asked Miss California yet how she feels about the violent overthrow of the United States government?


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10 Responses to “Olbermann and Musto on Miss California”

  1. RobertBlack says:

    She totally, totally deserves it. She really is the Anita Bryant of our generation. She is evil.

  2. fl79tr says:

    I like Olbermann, and I appreciate all that he’s done and is doing, but this is a bit like a “Morning Zoo” style radio zinger-athon I still love you Keith, but there’s got to be a better way….

  3. timncguy says:

    Donald Trump OWNS the Miss USA / Miss Universe organization.

    When is he going to call Miss CA into his office and utter the words “You’re FIRED!”.

    She must have broken her contract with the organization by now with her new association with NOM.

    Wouldn’t it be great to see her lose a second “crown” over this?

  4. An_American_Karol says:

    I saw this. It was hysterical

  5. Zorba says:

    Sure looks like collagen-enhanced lips, too.

  6. Steve_in_CNJ says:

    it’s that same anita bryant underbite and chin jut. very disturbing. can we get a cream pie on that?

  7. mirth says:

    Well in all fairness, the pageant augmentation budget has probably taken a hit just like everywhere else in this economy.

  8. Knox Bronson says:

    No kidding. That is a lousy boob job. She went too big and they look awful. And I have nothing against plastic surgery, or skinny blondes with big boobs, I assure you.

  9. mirth says:

    Surely no one was surprised to learn that she had breast implants. I mean, the rigid outline of baseballs under chest skin is pretty much a giveaway.

  10. tlsintx says:

    she’s not even pretty. just empty.

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