Cronyism continues for top ambassador spot – bankster goes to London

For years the UK has been the spot for top financial donors to US Presidents. (France tends to be second.) A keen ability to deliver cash to campaigns has been the deciding factor when doling out ambassador positions. Foreign policy experience has been much less important and generally not relevant at all. What a disappointment that cronyism is continuing like this. And for good measure, the choice is a bankster from Citi because the Obama administration doesn’t have enough people from Citi already. Then again after chopping 50,000+ jobs, there are plenty of them on the street without work. Change?

The next ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary will be Louis Susman, a lawyer and financier with little experience of foreign affairs.

The appointment will end months of speculation. Susman’s name first surfaced in a diary column in the Washington Post in February, but Caroline Kennedy was also mentioned, as was Oprah Winfrey, another of Obama’s Chicago supporters.

There was no official confirmation of Susman’s nomination today, but the Guardian has learned that the paperwork has been completed. Buckingham Palace approved the appointment this month and Obama will announce it shortly.

London has become a retirement posting for many backers of US presidents, offering a comfortable home in one of the best mansions in the city, Winfield House in Regent’s Park.

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