Teabaggers Unite

You might have heard that conservatives are holding teabag parties across the country, and calling on their supporters to send teabags to Washington, to protest Obama’s stimulus spending. Well, as Andy Cobb points out this PG-17 video, the conservatives may have bitten off more than they can chew with their new, unfortunate, metaphor.


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  • Marleigh

    Why is it that all teabaggers are white elitist, you never see minorities or people of lesser incomes as part of thier (so-called) movement? And this majority percent opposes the healthcare plan, I want to know who they are talking to, because I have not met one person who does not want reform. Let us vote, like we did to elect Obama, then we will see the appropriate percentage of for and against. And at the same time we can vote for 2 term limits for congress, some of them have “served” 40 or more years, no wonder nothing has changed in 40 years.

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