Should we be happy that Specter is now a Democrat? The question has two answers.

One of my friends just sent me this message:

Is it just me, or are you also wondering why in the world all of your democratic friends are also so excited about Specter?

John and I were just talking this subject. We don’t like Arlen Specter and don’t trust him. Never have. This was a calculated move by a calculating politician. Specter has no scruples and was worried about losing in the GOP primary next April.

Today, we’re not celebrating Specter. But, if we look at his move solely through a political prism, this decision is seismic. And, it’s just so fun to watch Republicans squirm.

The political optics just couldn’t be better. The DC pundits and talking heads love Arlen Specter (kinda the way they love Lieberman.) That crowd believes the hype that Specter is a moderate — and compared to the rest of the GOP, Specter is definitely more moderate. So, we’ll hear endless chatter about how the GOP has become a shrinking party. That means the talking heads will finally get something right.

Democrats have to play hard ball with Specter. He needs Democratic support now. He has to earn it. He may not vote for every issue on final passage, but he better stick with the Democratic caucus on busting GOP filibusters.

When it comes to Specter the person, it’s no great catch. But, politically, it’s pretty damn good.

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