Mom kills son, then self at shooting range

If only everyone had guns, this could have been prevented.

A central Florida woman who fatally shot her son then killed herself at a shooting range wrote in suicide notes to her boyfriend that she was trying to save her son.

“I’m so sorry,” Marie Moore wrote several times. “I had to send my son to heaven and myself to Hell.”

Oh my God, there are photos. Apparently from the security cam at the shooting range. They’re not gory. But they’re still just horrifying to watch. Someone did a YouTube of them. I just can’t post it, but you can go here to see it if you want.

I mean, this isn’t really news. She’s obviously just some nut. But still. There’s something about stories like this that feel like they’re about something bigger. Not just guns, though it is partly about that (there is no excuse for a nut like this woman being permitted to touch a gun, absolutely absurd). But also about society today. I know she’s just one example. And with 300+ million citizens, we’re going to have some screwballs. But still, I find it hard to read and watch something like this and not feel a tinge of despair for our country.

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