GOP party chair Michael Steele just accused Democrats of pushing “socialism”

This is why the Republicans are at 21%. This is why moderate Republicans have either been defeated, retired, or have become Democrats. This is why people like me, and Markos, and Arianna once were Republicans, and now no more (I can’t really speak for Markos and Arianna, but you get the idea). The Republican party is dying. It began at least a decade ago. The party moved so far to the right, embraced such extremists and extremism – calling Obama a socialist? – that a super-majority of Americans now no longer identify with the GOP.

And speaking of Michael Steele, let’s not forget that it was Steele who said the GOP would seek retribution for voting for the stimulus package. So let’s all give Michael “pro-choice (sometimes) and pro-gay-marriage (kind of)” Steele a hearty thanks for the great work he’s doing leading the GOP. Today couldn’t have happened without him.

PS Steele, in his live phone interview on CNN, also keeps using the word “Democrat” incorrectly – it’s something far-right Republicans do, in some kind of weird effort to diminish Democrats. For example, he just referred to the “Democrat primary” and the “Democrat base.” It’s Democratic. You’d think the head of the Republican party would know how to speak proper English. But putting that aside, it’s one more sign of just how bad the Republican party has become – resorting to cute little far-right mind games like mispronouncing the name of the party rather than proposing ways to get us out of the economic crisis and avoid a worldwide flu pandemic.

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