GOP civil war continues in Virginia

Couldn’t happen to a nicer state.

Ousted Virginia Republican leader Jeffrey M. Frederick said Monday he will probably run for party chairman again in May, setting up another clash with the GOP’s gubernatorial nominee, Robert F. McDonnell, as Republicans struggle to unite for the November election.

Frederick said in an interview that he does not think the party’s leaders, McDonnell among them, will be able to turn around years of Republican losses in Virginia.

Joe has written about this nutjob before (he’s the guy who tried to link Obama to bin Laden). He epitomizes the worst in the Republican party. He also epitomizes pretty much every single one of the GOP’s current leadership, political (on the Hill) and intellectual (FOX News and Limbaugh). Angry, extreme, out of touch, and only interested in winning – not in helping the country move forward.

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