GOP chair Steele questions whether we’re really in an economic crisis

The far-right extremists running the Republican party today do not believe that we are in any kind of economic crisis. That is why Steele said this today. That is why the Republicans all voted against the stimulus (why vote to save the country from falling into a depression if you think the economy is fine?). That is why GOP governors are turning away stimulus money, and risking their own local economies and the national economy. Because the far-right extremists who have taken over the Republican party do not believe that the economy is in any trouble. Talk to anyone. Ask them how their sales are going. Ask them how many customers they have this years as compared to last. Ask them if they still have a job, if they’re still working a full week. This goes beyond out of touch. It’s basically insane. The media really needs to come down hard on this – the Republicans need to be grilled on why they continue to believe that the fundamentals of the economy are strong.

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