Georgia Senate threatens to secede

What do they plan on fighting with, peaches? Mind you, this comes on yesterday’s threat by the GOP governor of Texas to secede as well.

Of course, what’s really going on here is that Republicans are intentionally fanning the flames of violence because they’ve been out of power for a grand total of 100 days. They began pushing their followers towards violence during the presidential campaign, and have actually increased the inflammatory language over the past few months. Culminating, today, with a call for the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to no longer investigate known domestic terror threats.

The Republican party has a serious problem with extremists, not just in its midst, but among its leadership and its key allies in the faux media (FOX News) and its grassroots (Limbaugh, the blogs, and the religious right). The GOP is quite literally pushing their most extreme followers to violence. And now that they’re calling on the government to ignore known terrorist threats, it’s only a matter of time before something violent happens, and then the Republican party will find itself out of power permanently.

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77 Responses to “Georgia Senate threatens to secede”

  1. chadmorrison says:

    Yeah, this isn’t bias or anything is it? As usual. Liberal whack jobs at it again. The Liberal Weather today There will be a high claims and a low facts. I believe a bunch of vandals just got done rioting in L.A. after the Lakers won. That seems extreme to me. Or the Obama supporter being stabbed by a Hillary supporter. Not that that is violent right? Further I BACK Secession. To hell with this Fallen Union. I refuse to become a Socialist. It’s a UNITED STATES of America. Plural. We just choose to no longer Unite with the B.S. and lies and Nationalism. This is coming to you FROM Georgia.

  2. Will says:

    Why do you assume it is a call to violance? Are you going to attack us again? Why can you not just let us go? OH thats right. You need us. Someone has to do the work and pay the bills….. You make me sick

  3. imaloner says:

    Who are you disagreeing with, Thomas Jefferson or James Madison?

    Georgia Senate Resolution 632 is almost verbatim from the Kentucky and Virgina Resolutions of 1798, which were written by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. James Madison, also known as the Father of the Constitution, was responsible for most of the ideas in the constitution, particulary the concept of “checks and balances”, which he felt were extremely necessary to prevent government from stepping on individual freedoms and inalienable (human) rights. The primary focus of this resolution, and of the two 1798 resolutions from which this one originates, is that the “States” joined together some of their powers to form a “Union” by means of the Constitution, and that, as stated very specifically in the ninth and tenth ammendments (the last two ammendments in “The Bill of Rights”), the powers of the “Federal” government, which the States thereby formed, are limited to what is expressly permitted within the Constitution, and all other powers are retained by the various States.

    I think that it is right for the states to speak up publicly when they feel that the Federal Government has usurped power from the States that was not granted to it by the Constitution. Since the vote in the Georgia Senate was 49-1, and since it was basically written in 1798 by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, I think it is inappropriate to condem this resolution as a GOP, right-wing statement.

    If you actually read the resolution, you will find that there is no actually threat to secede from the Union, only a very clear statement that the Federal Government exists only because the States caused it to exist, implying, as a friend of mine’s Mom used to say, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out !”

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  5. fl79tr says:

    How Ironic that the party that got started by preventing secession is ending it’s self by promoting secession.

  6. MNUSA says:

    Except how would we protect our borders?

  7. Stevious says:

    How soon before we see another Oklahoma City style bombing?

  8. mreyer says:

    So then we’ll have a sovereign Red America and a sovereign Blue America. It could work.

  9. mreyer says:

    Myabe we’ll have a Blue America and Red America.

  10. canadian_seattlite says:

    Then do it…. this time we won’t fight the south to prevent them from leaving, they are a drain on the rest of America, both intellectually and financially. Good riddance!

  11. whomod says:

    Ok, watching DeLay on Hardball again, i see it now. Franken will be the 59th vote. If that happens, they’re setting up an excuse to invoke their clause that Texas can split into 5 states, each with their own Texas Republican senators.

    It’s crazy, I know but this is the far right we’re dealing with.

  12. axoplasm says:

    Oh. No. Please. Not Georgia. Please don’t secede. Anyone but Georgia. What would we do without … Georgia?

    Please don’t throw me in the old briar patch.

    Anything but that.

  13. Styve says:

    It seems these states are taking to heart the assessment that the Republican party has become, after 2 solid ass-kickings in ’06 and ’08, a “regional party, basically … a white, rural, regional party, and not a national party,” per Tom Davis (R-VA).

    Don’t know if it was discussed much here, but another Republican ploy, Sarah Palin, had/has strong ties to the secessionist and white supremacist movements. Wayne Madsen covered this pretty extensively, and I would prefer to just defer to his description of the network…

    “Palin’s and her husband’s dalliances with the Alaska Independence Party (AIP), which advocates the secession of Alaska from the United States is the tip of a web of organizations that count among their membership extreme right-wing elements, many of whom also participate in Republican Party candidate selection and the lobbying of Republican members of Congress on behalf of Big Tobacco, Big Mining, Big Agra, and the small arms and defense industry clients.

    “The AIP is part of a network of extreme right-wing secessionists around the country, many of whom are linked to white supremacist causes. […] Also attracted to the convention were a number of Southern secessionist movements, including the League of the South; the Southern Caucus; the Southern National Congress; and Christian Exodus, which advocates the secession of South Carolina as an independent republic governed by the Ten Commandments as the foundation of law.

    “The various Southern secessionist groups are part of a wider web of organizations that push the neo-Confederate line, including the Southern Legal Resources Center (SLRC); Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) (which has a camp named after President Abraham Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth); United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC); Order of Confederate Rose; organizations that honor Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the founder of the Ku Klux Klan; and various Southern Parties in states such as North Carolina and Georgia. The Southern Party wants to re-establish the Confederacy of the original 11 states plus Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Maryland. The League of the South publishes a secessionist magazine, ‘Southern Patriot.'”

  14. Apphouse50 says:

    And the births to unwed mothers! From 1998 to 2006, Georgia’s numbers in that category jumped 6.2%, yet they spent as much as California in 2007 on abstinence education and California’s births to unweds went up by 4.8%. The same is true throughout the red(neck) states. Texas went up 7.9% in that ’98-06 time period, and in ’07 they got $18M from the feds for abstinence only education. Those stupid programs are counterproductive, and they’ve been pouring $ down that hole in red states since the Reagan administration.

    So if they secede, better figures as to unwed mothers and fewer dollars on Just Say No to Sex, Kids for the US.

    Where the hell is the downside? Go tomorrow fer Chrissakes!

    Just let me know when I need a passport to fly into Atlanta, that’s all I ask.

  15. justadood says:

    Time to drive from Atlanta to Savannah with ‘Marching through Georgia” playing where all can hear….. (starts whistling…)

    Wonder how many Timothy McVeighs Obama is going to have to deal with before the end of his term(s)? So many nutjobs out there, so few investigators

  16. cowboyneok says:

    The “New Republican South” also takes ALL the debt they racked up this last twelve years. Lets see how they like that! They want to erase all the debt they caused and walk away from it like the trailer trash they are! Nope – not gonna happen! And before someone says I have something against double wides. I don’t, but I do have a problem with any kind of neo-confederate attitudes and THAT is what I’m talking about when I say “trailer trash!”

  17. cowboyneok says:

    Does this mean, if they secede, Limbaugh will have to fight, anal cyst or not, since he started this shit? I’m sure Limbaugh will claim he is “too old” to have to fight the civil war he wants to see, or some other lame ass excuse like another convenient break out of anal pimples.

  18. JohnNation says:

    Let them go! They get more in federal aid than they pay in taxes anyway.
    Let them marry their cousins, teach religion instead of science and when they get real hungry they can eat the Bibles they’ve been trying to shove down OUR throats.


  19. allison says:

    First, they have already incited violence. The Pittsburgh police shooter was clearly influenced by right wing rhetoric.

    Second, how long will the citizens of TX and FL put up with this secessionist idea when all the NASA and military jobs are moved out of their new countries and transferred to that foreign land, the U.S. of A.?

  20. hitler? someone had his head on hitler’s body at one of the teabagging things.

    funny, I wonder how long the line to the men’s room was at any given rally… I mean, it WAS a teabagging event promoted by the GOP right?

  21. Jophus says:

    We wouldn’t have….. as much resistance on social progress.

  22. Gridlock says:

    The only thing worse than a cornered animal is a retarded cornered animal with an M-16 and delusions of martyrdom.

  23. An_American_Karol says:

    That was just mean of me.

  24. I think you still need a passport to cross over into Georgia anyway, so really nothing will change.

  25. vkobaya says:

    Pardon me, but isn’t secession the most anti-American thing a state can do? Imagine ‘their’ version of a country? Dear god. How scary. Talk about banana republics. Bu-bye.

    My God! You are right. Talk about a terrifying prospect, I doubt even Republicans could live in their own version of this nation. If we let them succeed, they would be banging on our doors in six months begging to be readmitted to the union. It would permanently cure them of their right wing, neoconservative and Republican agenda. They would probably be so liberal would make the communists head spin and scare even those communists. Sigh! Well, I can dream can’t I?

  26. ndtovent says:

    Hmm..some interesting comments here about how a real secession could look and what could happen.. I imagine that we would still have trade and open borders w/the secession states, as well as a shared military (their citizens could still join our military and their nat’l guard troops would still be deployed with the rest of the army troops), but I’ve thought for years that they should just do it, and form their own theocracy government in one (or more) of the fundybelt states. My heart goes out to all the progressives who have to live in those states.

  27. Not to mention our test scores. We would rank as high as Japan, Norway, France and Sweeden. Everything would change without the dead weight of the ignorant secessionists.

    I predict the country of Texorgia will be at war with Iran in no time flat.

  28. Dave of the Jungle says:

    He’s a Liebrall.

  29. An_American_Karol says:

    Clearly they have a problem with democracy.
    President Obama couldn’t possibly have won the presidency. He is a black guy, a Muslim, a terrorist, a Marxist, an African, a socialist, a drug dealer, a homosexual, a liar, a cheater, a … what did I leave out?

  30. Dave of the Jungle says:

    Teabag’n URL of the Week:

  31. Oval12345678 says:

    Fighting one Civil War was more than enough, thank you very much, Mr. Rick Perry.

    There is no teabaggery like Republican teabaggery…

  32. Adrian says:

    Does secession have to be ugly? It could be sort of a legal formality and might be for the best.

  33. markmade says:

    Something violent has already happened: the three police officers killed in Pittsburgh, two of them shot in the head when the door opened. Not a log of coverage in the media on that (plenty on the shootings, very little on the right-wing, Fox-feuled rage of the shooter).

  34. cowboyneok says:

    REPUBLICANS are RESPONSIBLE for the NEXT ATTACK! They are TERRORISTS and unpatriotic anti-American traitors!

  35. Zorba says:

    Can you imagine the ranting and raving, the foaming at the mouth, the cries of “treason” and the calls for arrests to made, from the Republicans and their minions if any Blue State had said anything like this when Bush was president?

  36. cowboyneok says:

    The message needs to continue to be Republicans are ASKING for an attack! They ARE begging for an attack. When the attack comes, the message is, “What did you THINK was going to happen since all Republicans ever did was BEG for this to happen? In fact, we need to look real closely to ensure Republicans weren’t BEHIND this attack!” You can’t rally for an attack for long before one actually occurs. Republicans are being VERY un-American in rallying for violence.

  37. colacitysc says:

    I’m a student at USC-Columbia, and if SC even thinks of secession, I’m moving in with my mom in Charlotte and transferring to UNC or NC State

  38. kimbutgar says:

    How about we let them secede and then see how they implode from within! Let all the right wingers go to Texas and South Carolina. Have their no taxes, no health care, no safety nets and see how they do. I would love to see a fictional movie about this.
    It could be called the New America South.

  39. Coffacuppee says:

    Oh please let them try it. Atlanta won’t play that game – – they’ll secede from the State.

    And there goes the revenue stream to feed the rest of the nuts who’ll be living across the rest of the state in isolation without paved roads or streetlights or police or firemen, wondering WTF just happened.

    These are the idiots who won’t realize that next time a tornado or another drought comes through, they will be left to fend for themselves.

  40. Pardon me, but isn’t secession the most anti-American thing a state can do? Imagine ‘their’ version of a country? Dear god. How scary. Talk about banana republics. Bu-bye.

    I guess they will have to send their daughters across the borders for abortions while at the same time teaching ‘creation science’ and waiting for the rapture. Think of all of the un-manned vehicles.

    It just gets crazier and crazier and more desparate. I guess peace and prosperity are way over rated for these folks.

  41. Apphouse50 says:

    Fighting with peaches and PEANUTS!

    God almighty, please let them go, and take those Lone Star morons with them, along with Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and that’s just for starters — just imagine how much our infant mortality numbers would shoot up without these states.

    Go for it, tough guys. The sooner the better.

  42. An_American_Karol says:

    I’m going to take my ball and go home.

  43. rjatlanta says:

    I live in Atlanta. Let’s be clear, if Georgia ever seceded, Atlanta would secede from Georgia. Right wing whack jobs run this state. Our current governor won ONLY because he favored the old confederate battle flag. He’s a total idiot.

  44. Joneses says:

    The GOP doesn’t want America to fail, they want America to die.

  45. nicho says:

    Already is.

  46. intoxination says:

    I say “bye” to them, especially Texas. Just think if we could have done this years ago – the last 8 years would have never happened. The last thing we need is another President coming out of that state.

  47. serge says:

    It’s somewhat ironic to be sitting now in Charleston, SC, the home of the secession to end all secessions. I fully expect Mark Sanford to jump on this new bandwagon although he’s probably kicking himself for letting Texas get ahead of him in sheer loopiness…

    If SC were to secede, I’m willing to bet that Charleston, viewed with great suspicion by the rest of the state, would stick with the Union it once reviled. I hope so…this could all be great fun.

    When will the stupid end?

  48. Wolfsinger says:

    Agreed. Their elected officials are become fewer and more shrill in the process but it doesn’t change the fact that these Theocrats HATE and they HATE to lose. That’s the way of the Theocrat. It’s their way or the highway to hell way.

    A few duly elected officials, crazy tho they may be, are calling for secession or some form of violence against those they disagree with. (See the latest story from Illinois.)

    We ignore these types at our peril.

  49. Zorba says:

    Can you imagine the rabid foaming at the mouth, the calls for arrests and trials for treason from the Republicans and their noise machine, if a Blue State had suggested this under Bush?

  50. djny10003 says:

    My family has been Republican since the Civil War, but my 85-yr-old dad voted for Obama.

    I was a teenage Republican, but Nixon inspired me to turn Dem.

  51. texas would soon become North Mexico.

  52. another plus here… with each election, their ‘elected officials’ are growing fewer in number.

    they may be loud, but they’re driving people away.


  53. on the plus side… with no arms control laws, they wouldn’t have to worry about overpopulation for a long time.

  54. Wolfsinger says:

    Yesterday’s corporate and Fox Noise driven protests served to demonstrate just how many well armed and angry white Christian Family Values Republicans there are amongst us.

    As Theocrats, they’ve proven just how much they hate to lose and more dangerous than that, how willing and eager they, their elected officials and Fox news are to call for secession, revolution and armed rebellion.

    The question then becomes, what do civil Americans on both sides of the political isle do with these amongst us who would seek answers with bullets rather than the voting both?

  55. Wow — without Texas and Georgia, we wouldn’t have . uh . . uh . . uh — we’d be lacking …uh….uh…uh

    peaches n diesel?

    suddenly Eric Clapton is playing in my head :-)

  56. SeanMalloy says:

    Pussyfooting, attention-starved pols, power-crazed, race-baiting shock jocks and under-educated, working class unemployed makes for a dangerous mix without even considering skyrocketing gun and ammo sales…While I doubt most of these big talkers possess the gut for violence all it takes is one…

  57. it’s only a matter of time before something violent happens, and then the Republican party will find itself out of power permanently.

    I think you’re wrong about that… they WANT something to happen. why? then every GOP operative that’s been saying Obama is making the US ‘less safe’ or ‘open to terrorist attacks’ will be proven right.

    inciting to violence is a crime… unfortunately, prosecuting it would be considered ‘partisian politics’ and strengthen the GOP.

    we’re in a big catch 22 here… seriously.

    so the states threaten to cecede… then what? do we send in the national guard? that’d fan the flames as well.

    Obama needs to speak more, calm people… unite them. any actions against this have to come from the PROGRESSIVE grassroots, not the government.

    get a movement together with no ties to the government, a coalition of citizens bent on getting rid of these treasonist asshats.

    they’re the fringe of the fringe… but people are hurting, which drives them toward the dark side.

  58. skwcw2001 says:

    by the way hate to tell the patriots but we are still at “war” and they are commenting treason if bush was in power and a state tried this they would be crazed with fake anger

  59. semanticantics says:

    Please, by all means, go right the F ahead and secede. You’ll soon learn where all those tax dollars, the taxes you’re “teabagging” against, come from. Have fun the next time a hurricane rolls around and you “don’t want no gubment” interfering with your way of life.

  60. skwcw2001 says:

    let them do it, then let all the damn white trash that stays starve without that liberal east coast and west coast tax money to feed them while they sit on their ass’s drinking blue ribbon and jack, driving their 4×4 in the mud marring their ex wifes sister’s rot, the dumbass’s don’t realize that without all the people that work from gays to all the other minorities and liberals without their tax money they cannot stay in their trailer park. they would eat each other, they will never be happy they want obama dead and then a race riot, they want gays dead period. they want to put a cross on top of the white house, let them leave i am all for it let them have their own few little states in less than a year they would be killing each other or trying to start a war with other states that is their way guns and god, period they go together there is no separate they don’t have a place in normal society because people are tired of their same old game of hate, and war. its all they know

  61. SouthernYankee says:

    I wonder what these states would say if a blue state would say those kind of things? The red states would be calling them traitors. Shame on these governors and republicans who flame this kind of talk. They act like a bunch of children because they didn’t win the election. They again would be calling us traitors. I wish these republicans would really take a look at themselves and really see how bad they are coming off. Enough is enough. I think Obama has shown alot of courage against this dribble from Fox news and the republican party. Stop the complaining and come to the table with suggestions. Not tax cuts, its been done and didn’t work. Stop the bitchin.

  62. nicho says:

    Wow — without Texas and Georgia, we wouldn’t have . uh . . uh . . uh — we’d be lacking …uh….uh…uh

    Oh — buh-bye now. We’re closing all our military bases, rescinding all our government contracts, taking away highway funds, and de-certifying your colleges and universities. We’ll build nice big walls around both Texas and Georgia, so we don’t get any “illegals” trying to steal our jobs.

    Have a nice day.

  63. kladinvt says:

    Hhhmm….last time I looked, wasn’t this type of thing considered treasonous, or to put it in simpler terms UnAmerican & Unpatriotic!!!
    Does this make them the new “turrorists”?

  64. Bill Sodeman says:

    They’re insane. Secession didn’t work out very well for Texas or Georgia in 1865, did it?

  65. GraphicBass says:

    Heh, I rather hope they do vote to secede. With secession, I’ll finally have an excuse to move from this benighted state to somewhere more enlightened!

    As a determined progressive and Democrat, I suffer every election season from the dimwittedness of the Republicans and conservatives surrounding me, and how they seem bent on destroying any benefit to living in Georgia, as I have for the last 15 years.

    Although I’d miss the beautiful spring and fall seasons….


  66. Jim Olson says:

    Seems to me that if someplace like Texas or Georgia successfully seceded, the people who live in those places and voted for it would quickly come to dislike it very much.

    All trade and travel would have to be negotiated, and until that happened, nothing would move in or out. Food and fuel prices would skyrocket almost immediately.

    The theocratic law that would be established would quickly become all-consuming…one could accuse ones neighbor of lawbreaking for just about anything. Religious freedom would be gone, meaning the various denominations would be eventually banned, with only one dominant group left in power, if they could amass enough votes.

    The rest of the US could decide that dealing with the Nation of Texas or the Republic of Georgia simply was not worth it. Their economy would collapse.

    Colleges and universities would be de-accredited immediately, meaning students would simply stop attending there.

    People would leave in droves, especially minorities. Clearly, civil rights would be repealed.

    I say we let Georgia or Texas secede for a while, and then when they want back in, say no, until all rights are restored.

  67. pattyp says:

    They’re just reminiscing about the last time they seceded and how well that worked out.

  68. usagi says:

    and then the Republican party will find itself out of power permanently.

    You wish. You forget, it could work. To be frank, I see remarkably little evidence that anyone is willing to stand up to these bullies. A possible outcome is they succeed in cowing the country into submission, especially if what’s left of the news media decides to continue playing along. It’s really easy to pretend that this represents some gigantic leap, but as you correctly pointed out, they’ve been slowly raising the temperature for almost a year.

    By the midterm elections, having armed citizen militias guarding the polls will be the only reasonable recourse since they can’t let ACORN operatives steal the elections like they did in 2008. You remember all the intimidation and violence they did back then, don’t you?

    I wish to hell I thought that was sheer paranoia talking instead of a marginally plausible scenario.

  69. whomod says:

    Like I’ve said, I trust most sane unenthralled Americans are in fact, proud Americans. So it’s sort of welcome to hear the loonies of the far right push the envelope. At this rate, they will probably push their ranks down to 20% or lower.

    Still, you do have to keep an eye out for the loons that would actually act on all this inciteful rhetoric. I keep thinking that an assassination attempt or another Oklahoma city is exactly what these nutjob far right leaders want.

  70. kh7463 says:

    Here’s a quote from our local paper about the teabagging in Crown Point, IN: “I want Indiana to declare sovereignty,” Carolyn Kenning, of Cedar Lake, told the crowd. “When government owns businesses that is called fascism.”

    Here’s the link, some of the pictures are pretty hilarious:

  71. caphillprof says:

    It’s past time to send in federal troops. We’ve been here before. Everybody knows what to do.

  72. nicho says:

    Oh no — without Georgia we won’t have . . .uh . . .uh . . .uh . . .uh. OK –buh-bye now. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  73. stoic says:

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

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