Dr. Laura says gay couples are a “beautiful thing and a healthy thing”




Who is that woman on the TV screen? Conservative radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger went on Larry King a few days ago and dodged and weaved and avoided every gay-related question she got. But not entirely. She did let it be known that she thinks its a “a beautiful thing and a healthy thing” when gay couples fall in love.


This is a huge deal.

First off, let me say, kudos to Dr. Laura. She’s changed. Friends and I ran the campaign against her then-new TV show nine years ago. It was called StopDrLaura.com. We launched the campaign because, at the time, Dr. Laura was anything but reticent about gay issues. She called homosexuality “a biological error.” She made comments about gay men being prone to pedophilia. It was nasty.

And today, she’s not only avoiding gay questions, on gay marriage specifically she said: “I don’t have much of an opinion on it.”

Something has happened in our society over the past decade. And over the past few months as well. When Rick Warren and Dr. Laura are both on TV in the same week, and both are visibly distancing themselves from their anti-gay past, something significantly has changed in our culture.

And let me add one final thought. When I launch online campaigns on this or that issue, I usually hear from some people, on our side, who think the protest is frivolous and silly. Who think it doesn’t matter, or won’t accomplish anything. The fact that one of the top conservative radio hosts in America, with millions of listeners, has changed her tune on gay issues by 179.99 degrees is simply huge. Never say that it isn’t worth it. It always is.

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