“The only approach that has not been tried is the conservative approach – limited bureaucracy, lower taxes, and responsible regulatory structures.”

Yes, if only we gave conservatives a chance to gut government programs, create massive deficits, and poison the environment, our food and our water. Then we’d see what miracles are possible. Oh yeah, tried that from 2001 to 2008. Didn’t work out. Thanks though.

Seriously, catch the whininess of the Republicans these days. That quote above comes from the new GOP talking points about Obama. You see, one of their biggest complaints about Obama is that he isn’t governing as a conservative (uh, duh – and George Bush, the other George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and the rest of the Republican presidents didn’t govern as Democrats either). Implicit in that notion, and it goes along with quotes made by Limbaugh, the religious right, Glenn Beck, and others in the past few weeks, is the notion that conservatism is somehow under attack; that conservatives (and their policies) are the only group in America to never get a say – as if they didn’t run all three branches of government for most of this decade, and ruin our country in the process.

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