South Carolina’s Republican governor turns down $700m in stimulus money, with 2nd highest unemployment in country

The people of South Carolina deserve whatever they get. They voted for McCain 54% to 45% for Obama. They voted for a Republican governor. Let the the Republican governor play politics with people’s jobs, and watch the state enter into a massive depression as a result. I am simply tired of watching these idiots in red states vote against their own self-interests. They want conservative governments, they got it. Now watch their state slip into oblivion as their governor rejects the only medicine that can possibly save them.

Of course, schadenfreude aside, we need South Carolina to take the money. If South Carolina refuses to take part in the overall stimulus, then that is that much less demand stimulated – that much less of the economy that starts to get back on track. And that won’t only affect South Carolina, it will effect every dollar South Carolinians, and their businesses, spend on goods and services inside AND OUTSIDE the state. They are a part of a national economy, so anything that holds them back holds us all back.

So basically, the Republican party has come up with the brilliant strategy of intentionally sabotaging the impact of the stimulus package by asking their governors to reject the money. It’s akin to not taking a vaccine when a deadly plague is spreading across the nation, and the only way to beat the plague is to have everyone – everyone – take the vaccine at the same time, otherwise we’re all dead. It’s difficult to take this as anything other than the GOP trying to ensure that the stimulus package fails. Of course, that may well send the country into another Great Depression. But what do they care? It’s all about winning their offices back. It’s never been about helping our citizens.

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