Jindal to give GOP response after Obama presser, again

Come on, where’s the camera? I know there’s a camera here somewhere. This is a joke, right? Ha ha, we’re all laughing. Now come on, who is the GOP really having respond to Obama?

This is terribly odd. Jindal was roundly panned last time around when gave the response to Obama’s quasi State of the Union. Among Jindal’s greatest hits: Criticizing Obama for what the Republicans didn’t do in response to Hurricane Katrina. Jindal’s delivery was also stilted and sing-songy, and at least one of his tales was pretty tall (the one where he claimed he was standing there with the sheriff during Katrina). Then there’s Jindal’s criticism of volcano monitoring in Alaska when the volcano he criticized went off two days ago. Great timing guys.

So this should actually be quite a bit of fun.

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