Jindal Spurns Obama’s Jobless Aid as Mayor Pleads ‘Help Me Now’

But Bubbah Bobby wants to president. And he can’t do that by helping the little people. Though, remember how in his response to Obama’s “State of the Union” Jindal criticized George Bush’s non-response to the Katrina disaster? Wonder if Jindal’s next speech will be criticizing his own non-response to the economic disaster in his own state? Remember, Republicans aren’t in office to help people. They take office in order to take higher office, and then hold it. Everything is a stunt. Nothing is intended to make anything or anyone better.


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a Republican, cited fiscal responsibility when he turned down about $98 million in unemployment aid that was part of President Barack Obama’s $787 billion federal stimulus package.

That doesn’t make sense to Clarence Hawkins, the mayor of Bastrop, Louisiana. An International Paper Co. mill closed in November as pulp demand fell worldwide, leaving the town without one of its biggest employers.

“Give me something now,” said Hawkins, a Democrat whose city of 12,500 lost more than 400 jobs. “Help me right now. I need to survive today.”

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